Saturday, 12 March 2011

Milk Float

Who wants a milk float on their blogs, not many I suspect but this is the latest Flash animation I have made and it took a long time to make the 3D model so I'm showing it off as much as possible. It was made because I have been a milkman and a modified version has been used for my confessions of a milkman blog

Image size used 500 x 100


  1. that is really cute ><
    i'm not a big fan of milk float but your animations are great, thumbs up for you..

  2. Hey Acorn did you ever consider selling the actual models online?
    It's not that hard to set up and it does actualy work, I've sold a couple of models this way.
    You might get some sales on that milk float there. Here's a link

    (there are lots of other similar sites you could check that's just the one I use)