Thursday, 5 August 2010

How to Embed Flash into Blogger

How to embed flash into blogger

The butterfly in this case is hosted on Google sites and I have linked to it using the code (modify it to suit your requirements and hosting service) in the text box above. It is advisable to host any of my animations on your own server. After you have downloaded the Flash animation from here you will need to upload it to your server and then copy and paste the code, modify the SRC of animation (All text in capitals) change the size width and height to suit your page, some experimenting with sizes may be necessary and then paste it into the html of your blog

If you want to use my Google site to host the butterfly animation

Copy and pastethe code below into the edit html of a new posting or go to Design, add gadget, select html- javascript gadget and paste it into that, the butterfly should appear in the centre of the page.


  1. can u please tell me where to paste the code into the html?tq

  2. I will add a box with the right code for adding to your html. The above is an example of how to use any of my animations and for you to modify that code to suite.
    You will then need to add it to page via edit html or go to design and use a html gadget.
    I will do this tonight (UK time)

  3. I have now added the code for you to paste into your blog that my Google site will host

  4. its nice tip.
    i will put this code in my blog